Moss Point Sports Hall of Fame to Announce First Class in 2023

A Donor Advised Fund of the United Way for Jackson & George Counties

Moss Point, Miss., January 11, 2023 – The Moss Point Sports Hall of Fame Executive Committee announced today its intention to name the first class of honorees in 2023. The committee is also conducting video interviews that will comprise an oral history of Moss Point sports. Former Moss Point football coach Jerry Alexander and Magnolia High alumnus Pastor Houston Cunningham are co-chairing the executive committee. Cunningham also serves as alderman for Moss Point’s Ward 1. 

According to Alexander, the executive committee will recognize notable athletes, coaches and leaders from Moss Point High as well as from the two pre-1970 high schools, including Magnolia High. “We’re excited about the opportunity to recognize Moss Point’s sports history,” said Alexander. “Moss Point athletes have gone on to excel in college and professional sports, including the·NFL, the NBA and Major League Baseball. We have a long list of superior high school athletes who are worthy of recognition.” 

Co-chair Cunningham said, “The oral history of Moss Point athletics will capture stories for a video archive that will be posted on the Hall of Fame’s website, which is being developed. We have already begun videoing individuals and before long we’ll be asking for volunteers to add their stories to the richness that makes Moss Point’s sports history so interesting.” 

Moss Point Sports Hall of Fame Executive Committee is partnering with the local United Way to manage its financial resources. Tax deductible donations to support the Moss Point Sports Hall of Fame can be made to the United Way of Jackson and George Counties, designated to the Moss Point Sports Hall of Fame fund. 

Executive Committee

Jerry Alexander, Co-Chair
Houston Cunningham, Co-Chair
Monica Cooper
Richard Jackson
Alan Renfroe
Stephen Renfroe
Dorothy Shaw
Richard Shields
Andy Taggart

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